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Getting Social with Media

Getting Social with Media

by Mary Clymer on January 15, 2021

Five ideas to get you started

Getting your business online is essential in today's world. Social media offers personal connection to small businesses like yours. If the pandemic has taught us anything it’s that we must support each other. 

Social media is the key to making real connections with your ideal customers. 


I remember the first time a celebrity (okay not really a celebrity, but the actual person I follow on Instagram who I don’t really know but think is super cool) commented back to my post. Or that time Paul Rebeuns (an actual celebrity and childhood hero) re-posted my awesome Pee-Wee Herman costume on his feed. Man did I feel like the cool kid on the block. 

This is the power of social media. 

Okay you probably already know that. So what is stopping you from getting social?




These were all the things that stopped me from really diving in. As a small business owner there is so much to think about. 

You wear all the hats and committing to another task feels like the straw that just might break your back. 

Like all things, it’s best to have a plan. 

Give yourself a day to figure out what your social media will look like and design a plan around it. Have a plan ready instead of looking at it like a daunting and time-consuming task. 

You’ve set up your facebook, twitter, Instigram, etc. eager to begin. Ideas running rampant in your mind. You got this, it’s easy, but when you finally sit down to post…

 ...it all suddenly feels overwhelming and difficult. 

Uninspired and desperate for a fresh idea?

Been there my friend.

Whether you’re a garage band looking for your audience on Instagram or a CPA posting on LinkedIn you need to connect with people. And they are out there. 

Obviously you’ll need to do some research to be sure you are focusing on the right social media platform. Then you can spend time customizing your content to fit your brand. 

Wherever you decide to focus your attention is fine, but be aware that certain platforms work better for certain businesses. That being said, if you already have a following on Facebook and don’t have the energy to start from scratch on LinkedIn that is A-okay. 

For the purpose of this blog we are just giving you the tools to start. All the other marketing we will get into in a later blog.

Avoid posting all over the place. Linking your feeds is a great idea (and time saver) but I strongly recommend you stay focused on one. It is a better use of your precious time and energy. 

Now that you are ready to create a plan, here are Five Social Media Marketing Post Ideas Anyone can Execute. 


1. Share the Goods


Whatever it is you do. Take a photo of it. 

  • You sell Beer? Take a photo of beer. 

  • Own a restaurant? Take a photo of the food. 

  • Sell T-shirts? Let’s see it. 


This includes What’s New and Sneak Peek. People love to be the first to know about anything going on. If you got a new mug or sunglasses in your shop, share that with the world. 

Sharing posts about the things you are already known for help strengthen that link between you and your customer. They remember how good your nacho’s are and how efficient your cleaning service was.

These kinds of posts are feel good and generate a lot of “likes”


3. Before & After


The tried and true magic of a before and after shot. We’ve all seen the transformational before and after shots marketed for weight-loss, but this can be used for anything. 

  • Before cookies go in the oven / After cookies come out of the oven.

  • Before a stain was removed / After a stain was removed.

  • Before a haircut / After a haircut

  • Before make-up / After make-up

The list can go on and on. People love a good transformation. Seeing transformation around us helps us see how transformation is possible for us. 

3. Behind the Scenes and Take outs


What really goes on in your workplace? Everyone thinks they have an idea of how a kitchen runs, or what staff might be doing before and after customer interactions. People like the inside scoop. Give your audience an insider's glimpse to what is happening. 

  • What your “office” really looks like (child playing in the background)

  • A hard working employee cleaning before you open

  • The Brew Room

  • A pile of your work

  • You wearing slippers in the office work


These things make you real. Unlike the brand name stores people come to you for that personal connection, so give it to them. 

Take-outs are another way to connect. We’ve all had an unfortunate accident that might be fun to share. Or something done terribly wrong. Be sure to keep these fun and light. The last thing you want is to embarrass an employee or loyal customer. 


4. Insider Information

Speak the lingo, or share a fun fact about your industry. This can be as simple attaching a quote from an industry leader (be sure to include the link). 

  • Explain a commonly used term in your field like SEO or 86.

Create a fun infographic with helpful tips your audience could benefit from. These typically get shared as helpful tips, which branch your name out to more people. 

Tips on how to save time or money help your audience see you as a friend looking to help. 

  • A veterinarian might show money saving tips on making your own pet food.

  • A life coach might offer a tip on confidence building. 


5. Spread the love around


Your audience loves to learn more about you and your business, but they don’t want to feel like you are being pushy. Don’t always go for a hard sell, spread the love around. 

Odds are if you’re a small business you understand the importance of supporting other small businesses. Share that. 

  • Where do you go to eat around town? So do your customers, share it.

  • One of your clients makes candles? Buy one and share it. 

  • Just got your nails done across the street? Let your audience see it.

  • Favorite coffee spot? Your audience wants to know about it. 


Your audience will appreciate the spreading of good cheer. It helps build that trust and shows you as an active participant in your local economy. 


The love doesn’t have to be all about business either. Here in Renton we are fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful parks and the Cedar River. Take a walk around town and share photos of you enjoying our beautiful landscapes. 


New Content at Your Fingertips!

Start with these five suggestions. You can write out a list for the month, then rotate between them. Adding in an inspirational quote or asking your audience a question here and there. You will soon find that once you have direction it suddenly won’t feel like such a daunting task and more ideas will begin to flow. 

Try it for a month and let me know how it’s working. 

If you are still feeling the overwhelm that is perfectly normal. It could be that it’s not your area of expertise. It might make more sense for you to pay an online marketer to do it. 

There are services and freelancers all around who do this for a living. The $150 a month for a consistent conversation with your ideal audience might make more sense for you. Because running a successful business is knowing when to jump in and when to ask for help. 

It’s the start of a new year. Add in a strong social media presence now and see how it works for you to generate more business. 

Okay, no more excuses, start posting today and tag #RentonChamber so we can follow your success. 

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