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Increase Your Circumference with Pie from Luther's Table

Increase Your Circumference with Pie from Luther's Table

by Mary Clymer on March 12, 2021

Join Us this Sunday for the 3.14 Run, Walk, Crawl, and Pi Day!

Pi, more commonly recognized by the Greek letter, is one of the most recognized mathematical constants. When typed into a calculator you will get 3.141592654. This is actually not correct, but because most calculators only have the capacity for the first 10 numbers this is what most of us will get. Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. 

I know what you’re thinking. 

You’re thinking Huh? Why am I even reading this? My brain is about to explode and I thought I was getting pie

Me too friend, me too. 

But don’t run off yet! I’m getting to the pie. 

Pi Day is this Sunday, March 14th. This represents the first 3 digits of pi, 3.14, which also happens to be Mr. Albert Einstein’s birthday. 

Because this is all irrational and difficult to comprehend, math nerds of the world found a simple way for us left brain thinkers to honor the day, by celebrating pie!

Most of us understand pie. It’s used from the time we are little to explain how ratio works. We can visualize it and delight in the thought of increasing our own circumference by enjoying some delicious pie.

Luther’s Table is Celebrating Pi

Luther’s Table here in Renton has decided to get in on the fun. Although they have been closed for the past year during quarantine, they want to remind the community that they are still there. 

So this Sunday, March 14th, come join them in a “do it on your own” style event.  Start your day with a 3.14 mile run, walk, crawl from anywhere in the world!  Using the MapMyRun app you can send Luther’s Table your results from anywhere. If you are lucky enough to be here in Renton they have prescribed a route on the Cedar River Trail for you to follow. 

Your run will start in the Renton Memorial Stadium parking lot, along the Cedar River Trail, and you can show up anytime between 7am and 3pm to try this flat course. 

In an effort to keep everyone safe, this is a do it yourself event. 

  • No starting gun

  • No crowds cheering you on

  • No winners tape to run through

  • No packet pick up

  • No sponsor tables

  • No risk of getting stuck in the middle of a pile of humans.

It is a way to celebrate the coming of Spring and keep connected while safely staying apart. 

But what about the Pie?

For those participating locally, you will check in at Luther’s Table located at 419 S. 2nd St. Renton. After your walk / run / skip / jump/ whatever to receive your personal pie!

Awards will also be granted to the top finishers in the race. 

  • Top 3 Overall

  • Top Male

  • Top Female

Although there is same day registration, Luther’s Table would like to get an idea of how many pies they should have on hand for pi day. So please consider registering today. Registration is $30 and you can do it here.

There will be volunteers on site from 10am - 5pm on Sunday for questions and information about registration, and to get your pie!

Get a nice stretch going, Call your quaranteam, grab a mask, and get ready for a Sunday outing. Then when all is done, go ahead and celebrate by breaking off a 3.14 slice piece of your individual pie. 

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