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Renton Junction - 'Conjunction Junction What's your Function?'

Renton Junction - 'Conjunction Junction What's your Function?'

by Mary Clymer on April 17, 2020

The Renton Junction - 
'Conjunction junction, what’s your function?'


Welcome to the blog

We at the chamber are excited to announce our new blog, The Renton Junction. A place for us to have an open and honest conversation about what's going on around town. 


The New Normal

As we all eagerly prepare to get back to our normal routine it’s understandable that things will not just get turned back on like a light. There’s going to be a continued period of uncertainty. Our hope is that we can collectively wade through the dark together. 


For the first time in a long time many people are opening their eyes to a broader sense of community. This will be a guide for us growing into the new normal. The Renton Junction is one of the Chambers' ways of helping to bring it all together. 


A Meeting Post

The goal of the Renton chamber is to promote our local business network, and to further the interest of those businesses by connecting resources to the community.

The goal of this blog is to help us get the word out to the general public about things happening at the chamber. 

It's just another way we are committed to helping our members and local economy succeed.

We hope to become a “go to” resource for things happening around the great city of Renton.


Highlights you can expect from our blog include: 

  • Upcoming events throughout the city
  • Businesses hosting chamber “After Hours” monthly meetups
  • “Business Bullpen” workshops and business development opportunities
  • Networking group activities
  • “Survive and Thrive” educational material for businesses
  • Happenings going on at City Hall
  • Community focus and the population we serve
  • Tourism and why Renton is a great place to visit
  • Volunteers and opportunities
  • Business success stories and struggles
  • Job postings and career fairs

 We are excited to see how this new opportunity unfolds. While we engage with the public all the time we would like feedback, and suggestions. This, as all things, is a work in process. 


Community Coming Together While Staying Apart

The Chamber hosts a variety of events year round. Sadly, we’ve had to cancel and postpone many of these events. As word comes out from the City and State about restrictions and Summer events being cancelled, we are being guided into new ways to stay connected. This is one of those ways. Continuing to get the word out and support businesses while we all safely keep our social distance. 


We want to hear from YOU!

New ideas are brought about by hearing from people - all voices in our community. 

If you are a chamber member and have a story idea, or want to inform us about your upcoming activities we would love to hear from you. 



If you are a community member with an idea or would like to tell a story we want to hear from you.

The community needs business, and business needs community. We are so grateful to be serving a community of individuals as diverse as it gets. This gives us all a great opportunity to grow, and thrive together.

In addition to the blog where we highlight stories of all the amazing activities, members will also receive a monthly newsletter. A condensed version of what's happening, organized in a series of bullet points and tidbits. This is our way of getting you fast information in shorthand form. Again, we are open to suggestions as we develop this as well.

The blog and newsletters are just two of the ways the Chamber is adapting to the new reality we’ve been thrust into. E-blast will remain the same, as well as the go renton website. Communication is key for us here at the chamber. The more ways to share the information the better.

We are dedicated to doing all we can to help us all raise together. Social media is here and growing by the minute. Blogs are a great opportunity to get your events out to the public in an easily shared platform. 


So why the Renton Junction?

Back in the early twentieth century the Renton Junction Station was a very important hub of activity. Considered a country station, it was the interchange for trains making their way to and from Renton, Kent, Tacoma, and Seattle. Here's a link to more on the Renton Junction history.


The Renton Chamber found its new home in the heart of downtown Renton in 2012. The landmark train depot on Burnett Avenue was previously home to The Spirit of Washington Dinner Train. A huge draw for the region that brought hundreds of guests to our community. 


Trains have always been a big part of Rentons history. Trains are connectors. Depots have been hosts to all kinds of activities throughout the years which always includes gathering and exchanging of information. And that is what The Renton Junction is all about. 


The chamber blog is just another way for us to stay connected. We hope you find it valuable. We look forward to this form of open communication, and the opportunity to serve you better.

We hope you all find value in this new opportunity. It might be over used these days but the saying is true, We are all in this together.

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