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The Evergreen Market

The Evergreen Market

by Mary Clymer on May 26, 2020

The Evergreen Market

High on helping the Community

The first time I walked into the Evergreen Market I was skeptical. A friend asked me if it was okay that we stopped in on our way home from a hike. She was throwing a dinner party that weekend and wanted to get suggestions for the best pre-rolls that would pair well with Brisket.

 “What!” I shouted, “ They can do that?”. 

She laughed as we pulled into the strip mall on Rainier Ave that is home to the Evergreen Market in North Renton. I admit I was nervous. I live in Renton. I’m pretty involved. I’m sure someone is going to see me. My palms get balmy. My mind is racing. What will everyone think?

My friend, seeing my hesitation, comforts me by saying, “If you see anybody you know here, ask them what they’re buying, and if it’s any good. Tell them your cannabis-loving friend wants to know.” And with that, she flashes me a smile and jumps out of the car. As she swings the door to the Evergreen Market open she tells me to have my ID handy. 

We walk into a stark clean entryway with a fast-track pick-up window, a funky tin wall divider with a chalkboard listing the current specials, and tree branches creating a barrier between us and the market. A fella sitting on a stool gets up with a warm greeting and asks for our IDs. I try to act like I’ve done this all before, but I kinda feel like I’m 19 about to attempt to get into a bar. 

Because we are over the age of 21, we are granted access. We get buzzed through a second door and my mind is blown!

This market is nothing short of clean and organized 

This place is beautiful. It’s clean, it’s very open in both size and layout. Green neon lighting gently shines down on us, and we are standing on a huge element code that I can only assume is the elemental code for marijuana. There are a couple of different counters with cannabis products well displayed behind lit and clear cases. They even have a case for products that need to be kept cold, and straight ahead of me is the “knowledge bar”. It’s lined with stools and is a place you can go learn about cannabis and ask your questions. Although when we passed by the guy behind the counter was politely listening to a patron describe in detail a great recent high experience he had. He said hi as we passed, hoping (I think) to get out of the situation he was currently stuck in. As a matter of fact, an employee stands behind each one of those counters. The employees are diverse in both appearance and age. 


After my survey of the joint, I join my friend who is mid-conversation with this young lady who is indeed suggesting her picks for best pre-rolls to go with Brisket. Again, I’m impressed. She suggests 3 products and highlights the reasons why. 

The first strand she recommends because of its effect on the body. Saying it will loosen up the group. The second because of its effect on the mind. Saying it would sharpen the senses. And the third she suggested because it would pair well with a nice bottle of red wine. 

The Evergreen Market certainly took the stigma out of the experience.

The staff was knowledgeable, and they were friendly. The friendly laid back attitude is what put me at ease. And this place was busy too! 

Unfortunately, if you happen to the market now you won’t have the same experience as they are doing all they can to protect their clients. There is no browsing around and asking questions. It’s pick up and go these days, however, you can dial a budtender for access to learning about products and use. 


An Essential Business

I know many of you already know what an amazing plant cannabis is, and how it can help ease pain, inflammation, seizures, anxiety, and helps those going through cancer treatment. Feeling blessed to be open after calling and lobbying to make it so, Evergreen market is please to be able to serve those in the community who rely on them for relief.

Many of you already know that the Evergreen Market is among the best in our area. Many of you already know what strand pairs best with red wine (If not, Vino at the Landing could help you as they did a pairing event with Evergreen last year.) Many of you know the benefits a great cannabis topical can offer you for an inflamed knee or shoulder. Many of you already know that a 5miligram gummy can help put your tired body and mind to rest. Many of you are quite aware of all these benefits. And many of you are also aware that there is still some miss information around the plant, and as we all know, old thought patterns die hard. 

Out in our Community

That is one of the reasons Eric Gaston, CEO and one of the founders, makes it a priority to get out into our community and help educate. Doing outreach at the local retirement homes, with the purpose of serving a demographic that might not wander in on their own, and create a safe environment for them to ask questions and get suggestions for items that might help.

Eric is also heavily involved in working with lawmakers. He told me that cannabis changed his life and it’s disturbing to him to see the industry demonized and being associated with hard drugs. As a stakeholder, he really walks his talk. Making sure that all of his employees are medically trained. Eric told me the true north of the company is to celebrate and elevate. Cannabis has always been about community. Bringing people together to celebrate all of life’s moments. As an essential business, they were allowed to be open on one of their biggest days 4/20, but extended the event so everyone could have a chance to support with current restrictions in place. Even though sales are down for the year they donate proceeds from their big day to providing face shields to first responders. 


I asked Eric what he recommends to the non-smoker who ventures in. Without hesitation, he answered the Utopia Water. It’s 10ml a bottle and just the right amount. He also said vaping is the training wheel experience because you can control the dose, but if that turns you off edibles are the way, however, he recommends you start with a low dose, 3-5ml. 

Every encounter I’ve had with The Evergreen Market has been great, and after chatting with Eric and hearing his passion for what he does it just feels nice knowing another amazing business is serving our community.


Oh, and just so you know, my friend went with the first option recommended that would help loosen everyone up. She said it was a hit and had a slight apple taste.

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