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We the People!

We the People!

by Mary Clymer on October 16, 2020

Get out and Vote this November

Recently on NPR’s All Things Considered, there was a story about Steve Inskeeps new book Imperfect Union. It’s a story from the 1800’s about Jessie and John Fremont. Yes, our Seattle Fremont neighborhood is named after them, as are many Fremont neighborhoods around the country. They played a huge role in politics during their time. The story has a lot of parallels to the political divides we are seeing today. 

Groups of people being divided on issues of immigration and the color of one's skin played a heavy role in what led to the Civil War. 

Today our Democratic Party is relying on the broad spectrum of demographics to unite them in victory. Where the Republic Party believes we have gone too far and don’t want to see a demographic change. Afraid it will shut them out of power. 

The year John Fremont ran for president of the Rebulican Party there was fear that his losing meant the end of America. That if he lost the slaves would never be freed.

Well, he lost. 

And it wasn’t the end of our Country. As a matter of fact, four short years later Aberham Lincoln became president,  and the rest is history.


Win or lose, nobody likes to be defeated. Feeling compromised with the fear of permanently being in the minority is something that is difficult for everyone. 


Something we all need to remember and reflect on. 

This election might very well be the most important election of our lifetime. But it does not mean that it's the end of America.

Our elected leaders are not showing us a great example of winning or losing with grace. They are not setting a respectable image that we Americans deserve. And I think we can all agree that they are not demonstrating the best of who we are collectively.

There is a solution…


Exercise your right and vote.

Enough with the defeatist attitude of pretending your voice doesn't matter. 


It does! 

They want you to believe your voice doesn’t matter. They want you to be confused and overwhelmed by it all. They expect you not to take an active role in your freedom. But it’s time to say no more.


Things Don’t Change if Things Don’t Change

If you want to see change you must get out and do your part. Read your ballot. Give yourself a couple hours or do it over a week. 

Getting in screaming matches with people you don’t know on social media won't change anything.

But voting can.


King County Elections

We are so fortunate here in Washington State because we’ve been voting online for years. Although it doesn't have the same energy as rushing to the ballots and proudly wearing your “I voted” sticker, it has its perks. 

With all the noise around mail in voting we here in King County are prepared. Our election system is great. You can visit the website to find any information about our election system. 


If you have any questions or need assistance, please email elections@kingcounty.gov or give us a call at 206-296-VOTE (8683). 


Ballot Box

Many plan on dropping off their ballots this year and we have a lot of very convenient ballot drop boxes in the area. In Renton we have Three,

  1. King County Elections Office on Grady Way

  2. Fairwood Library

  3. Renton Public Health Center

You can find many in our neighboring communities as well. 


Still not registered to vote? There is still time. Now through October 26, voters can register to vote or update their registration online.

To slow the spread of COVID, king county elections have gone virtual, but they are still available to assist you.

Election day is Tuesday November 3rd and you must have your ballot returned by 8pm on this day at the latest. 

Ballots will be mailed to all registered King County voters on Oct. 13, so you should be getting yours soon. The sooner you get it in the less lines you’ll have to deal with. 

It’s predicted that a lot of people plan to come out for this election. What the outcome will be nobody knows. We do know that this land is full of amazing individuals. We are stronger together and can accomplish more by finding what we have incommon rather than shredding each other to pieces. 


We all want to live in a great nation, and we all are doing what we feel is best to accomplish that goal. 


The Renton Chamber supports all individuals regardless of their political lines, and leaves you today with these words to ponder….


“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America." 

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